How to spin on roller skates

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This article will give you a brief explanation of how to spin on roller skates. I would like to share this in an attempt to connect with skaters who are learning to spin. It is rare that I ever spin. Most skate sessions, I’ll go from start to finish without out even attempting a single spin. It’s just one of those things that I never really do. However, in the time that I have practiced, here is what I have found to be valuable.

Practice spins in your shoes

One of the worst pieces of advice that I ever get is something like ‘you just gotta go for it’. Besides that, a terrible piece of advice is ‘just don’t think about it’. In all reality, you need to think about what you’re doing. There are things that you can focus on and improve in order to bring skill to your spins. Practice in your shoes first. This is a safe way of finding out where your strengths and weaknesses are. You will find out if you are coordinated, strong and balanced.

Coordination on roller skates

People confuse different strengths and weaknesses. I often hear people say that they aren’t strong enough for a certain technique when they have the strength to squat 250 pounds. Coordination is often overlooked, and it’s often overlooked first. An example of coordination is being able to throw a ball with your left hand in the same way that you can throw a ball with your right hand. You ever see someone grab a cup with one hand and transfer it to the other hand before taking a sip?? This could be a sign that one hand lacks coordination.

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