How to jump in roller skates

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This is a short guide that explains how to jump in roller skates. Some of you may be surprised to find out that jumping in your skates does not begin with skating. Practice most aspects of roller skating skills and techniques in your shoes.

Jump in your shoes

Spend more time practicing your skate techniques in your shoes. I’ve seen people who want to get a spread eagle and they only practice after they have put on skates. Well, although you do need to practice on skates, that’s where you are the weakest. That’s where time spent in practice can be the least valuable. If you spend most of your day in shoes, or just not in skates, that’s the time to practice strengthening your body for techniques. So, jump in your shoes. Practice jumping in place, at home, in the same way that you aim to jump at the skating rink.

Why jumping in shoes will help

First, think about how many times you have jumped today. Then think about how many times you have jumped this week, this month and this year. If you can easily assess that you haven’t done it much, then you aren’t ready for the skate floor. This means that your body is not prepared to handle launching your body into the air. You aren’t ready to handle the stress of your body weight impacting your feet, ankles and knees. Your ankles need to develop strength. They are quite volatile joints, and it takes time to get them strong.

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