Have you ever had a crush at the skating rink

hanged pair of white leather figure skates

Have you ever had a crush at the skating rink?? Well, it happens. This is what users from Reddit had to say.

Reddit post by Beautiful-Night9235

“So I was at the skating rink, and I saw this cute boy, and my sister and her friend thought he was cute too. While I was skating, he would look at me, and when he was sitting down to take a break. He also would spin and stuff on his skates, but idk if he was just doing that. One of my sisters friends said she thought he was a stud, but another one of my sisters friends, lets call her summer, (Btw, this was at my sisters friends bday party) had went over to the boys sister or friend and asked if he was a boy, and he was. (Lol) so we were kinda getting info abt him ig. And apparently he said he needed to get to know us better (Idk who he was talking abt). Sadly, I lowkey cant stop thinking abt him now.”

Changing wheel/tension size

Reddit post by hedge_warlock

Roller skating is going to kill me. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m fully aware that practice is crucial. And I am absolutely ready to do that. But, fell twice yesterday within 5 mins, I’m 50 years old with horrible arthritis, and the second time I fell, my knee buckled and I sat there on the ground near tears it hurt so much. I am in FULL padding but I still messed my knee up.

My wheels are 65’s. Woukd a different size be easier for me? Also, what I’m wondering is, is it possible or advisable to put a little more tension on the wheels so they don’t fly out from under me so fast? Just until I get my balance a bit more. Roller skating is something I want, badly, and I’m willing to get a few bumps and bruises for it.



hanged pair of white leather figure skates
Photo by Thomas Laukat on Pexels.com