The JBSKATE App Is Coming

iphone displaying social media application

The JBSKATE App is coming to a smart phone near you. The world of roller skating is about to change. The world of sport is about to change with this new innovation. Stay connected with to see all of the updates regarding the app and all of its capabilities. Wouldn’t it be great for you and your child to have a skate resume?? That’s what the app offers. Upload all of your abilities and accomplishments in real time. Potential employers can track your progress over time.

What does the JBSKATE App do??

The app connects skaters all around the country and soon all around the world. This is a professional networking app that athletes can use to connect with potential employers and display their achievements in resume form. Imagine landing a 180 or a 360 for the first time. What changes?? Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to put that achievement where it will be accepted and respected?? Of course. This type of stat belongs on JBSKATE. This is where you turn your extra-curricular skill into employment.

Solving Problems

There are common problems associated with skating rinks and regular skaters. We show up all the time, yet the communication lacks. JSKATE will be the link between the two parties. Confusion is a thing of the past. No more showing up to a session only to find out that it’s a private party. No more missing out on events because you haven’t heard about it.